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Designing in strict accordance with customer’s drawing,Weiwo is the first choice to cooperate with,because our engneer group is very good at the auxiliary tool making for complicated parts,see as follow photos for easily comprehension.




These special tool is a precision mechanical factory’s stanchion,this will absolutely support the entire order be finished efficient and smoothly,in the meantime of operation,fix up and down on the CNC Machines in every step of the part’s making is very important for the productive and cost cotroll,as well as quality cotroll,that’s why we always study a lot in the technology research and development,we must insure to be good performance on every step.



Weiwo’s 3/4/5 axis machining centres are also one of our advantages in China manufacture systerm,men are the core of the machinery industry,but equipment is as well,these CNC/CMC machines have a very strong date operation systerm which kind of techical comes from Japan,they are very powerful like the technology in Germany,they are holding the high technology and they are also having patience and persistence to dig deeply in the line,then gain the essence in mechanical design,weiwo does,so if you have any interesting in any of the industry machines design,need any mechanical design,any replacement spare parts which using on food machine,chemical industry,drain systerms,pipe and valve lines,just try to find WEIWO to talk about,we do the best to give you whole service.

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Post time: Aug-14-2019
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