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Agriculture brings some challenges and a certain degree of uncertainty, so high-quality support for tractors and machinery has never been the idea of ​​farmers.
Power Farming is one of the largest family-owned agricultural machinery importers, distributors and retailers in the southern hemisphere. It prides itself on providing excellent service and parts support locally and nationwide, offering more than 100,000 products.
The recent distribution agreement with parts specialist Kramp means that this level of support will continue and will further expand the diversity of product offerings in other key industry sectors.
Like Power Farming, Kramp is a family-oriented company. It was established more than 70 years ago and has now become Europe’s largest supplier of quality after-sales parts. The company has an annual turnover of more than 1 billion euros and provides more than 500,000 product lines to support the agriculture, forestry, grassland and construction industries.
With a team of 22 sales offices, 11 distribution centers, and 3,000 employees, Kramp typically processes about 95,000 orders a day and sends about 10 million packages to 40 countries/regions around the world each year.
In order to expand its global influence, the company identified New Zealand and Australia as strategic markets, and therefore set out to find high-quality partners who can help achieve its goals. The approach of both companies is “If we do it, we will do it right”, which means that the partnership lasted for several years, which eventually led to an alliance with Power Farming Group. The key to this decision is the partner’s ability to develop the market, the potential to invest in large inventories, and the professional approach to support a loyal customer base-all of these attributes were discovered by Kramp at Power Farming.
Power Farming and Kramp share the same core values ​​and recognize that the customer is the top priority, but also requires local representatives and relationships with knowledgeable employees.
This cooperation will enable Power Farming to expand and broaden its product range, especially for non-Power Farming tractor brands that are 3 to 5 years old or new models that have just passed the original warranty period. For the coming spring, the focus will be on launching a series of products that support grasslands and harvest fields, covering most major manufacturers’ parts requirements, as well as daily necessities such as universal joint shafts, auxiliary lighting and 12-volt spray equipment, and Comet spray Pump and Arag spray controller.
The Kramp series provide high-quality products, designed and manufactured in accordance with OEM quality, usually from the same source as the originals, and always provide a cost-effective way to keep first-line factories and machinery running.
When announcing the partnership, Power Farming’s Group Parts Manager David Pritchard said: “We have always been proud that we have exceeded customer expectations. We are proud of our high picking rate and real 24/7 availability of 364 days a year. With Kramp The collaboration adds another string to our bow.”
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Agriculture brings some challenges and a certain degree of uncertainty, so high-quality support for tractors and machinery has never been the idea of ​​farmers.

Post time: Jun-04-2021
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