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  • Irregular components customizing
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  • 5-Axis machining center boring

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Weiwo has been going on precision machining spare parts for 10 years,we produce according to customer’s drawings or samples,working completely to meet every customer’s request.Our engineer teams always keep enthusiasm to every component’s technical design and be assured in the right way and lowest cost doing the best products,we have the responsibility to give every customer refined technical support and after sales service,we will be your warmest working partner on the road of life.

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    1.We will accurately customize to serve your company’s needs. 2.Trust is a priority, so we offer advance technical support and samples for no additional cost. 3.We guarantee rapid development and high quality for the most competitive price 4.Regardless of quantity your order will be completed. 5.You may contact us at any time and expect any concerns to be corrected. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
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    Since 2010, Weiwo has grown thanks to our master craftsman and the continual business of our satisfied clients. We thrive off continuous innovation guaranteeing even the highest of expectations to be overwhelmed.
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    Основано од 2010 година, ние пораснавме локално и имаме чест да се движиме на меѓународно ниво. Денес некои од нашите врвни клиенти живеат во Европа и Америка. Ние сме горди на нашиот мајстор занаетчија и во замена тие се однесуваат кон секој производ со почит.

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